The Repair Cafe at Lambs Lane Primary School Spencers Wood

Who are we?
The Repair Cafe at Lambs Lane Primary School is a friendly group of expert volunteers that run a session once a month at Lambs Lane Primary School, Back Lane, Spencers Wood RG7 1YG. We are open the third Sunday of the month from 10 am to 1pm We know that one of the reasons that people don’t get items repaired is the initial cost of looking at the item as volunteers we don’t charge for fixing your items.

What service do we offer?
We will try to repair any household items that may otherwise be destined for landfill if we can’t repair onsite, we may offer to take it away or otherwise offer advice on what is required to fix the item. Our ethos is very much reduce, reuse, recycle and our volunteers are happy to share their skills so that you can learn how to fix your own items.

What can we fix?
Our talented volunteers are happy to take on any household items, so provided that you can bring it in we can try to fix it or give you expert advice. Please remember that we are fixing items that may otherwise be thrown away so if your item is expensive or of sentimental value the Repair Cafe may not be the best option as we do work on a no liability basis.
When possible we will PAT test electrical items that we fix and will let you know if the items fails the test.

What does it cost?
We do not charge for our service, but very much appreciate donations. Donations go towards running the Repair Cafe, insurance, hire fees, websites, advertising, equipment and volunteer training. Any surplus funds will go to assisting in local initiatives to reduce waste and engage with young people.

When are we open?
10 am to 1pm
We may also take items away (with your permission) if the repair needs to take longer

Are we insured?
Our Repair Cafe is insured but we do run on a no liability basis and we have a full risk assessment.

Do I need to book a slot?
At present we just run on a first come, first basis, but if start to get really busy we may start an appointment system in the future. We have a great book exchange and vibrant cafe for you while you wait and are happy for you to sit with us while we repair your items.

How many items can I bring?
It does depend on how busy we are but we suggest a limit of 3 items just to be fair on all our visitors
If we are not too busy we may accept more

Do I have to stay?
No you don’t to stay, but we do encourage you to help and learn to fix your item and we will try to look after your items but we cannot be responsible for items that are left unattended.

Can I volunteer?
Yes, we welcome volunteers to join our very friendly team you are not expected to commit to every session as we are aware that we all have busy active lives. We are looking for all types of skills, for Reception and Registration, Helping with the Cafe, PAT testers and anyone that can help with the list below

List of skills we offer

Wooden, mechanical, electrical and soft toys
Tool Sharpening
Sewing Machines
Suitcase and bag zips
Clothes, darning, taking up trousers
Domestic Appliances
Small furniture
Jewellery repair
Small TVs
Garden Equipment
Sound bars
anything else…

Please note, We don’t accept motorised scooters or boards that run on Lithium Batteries as these are potential fire hazards if used incorrectly. We would also appreciate items to be reasonably clean for hygiene reasons.

How can I contact the Repair Cafe?
Phone: 07718 679827

Dates for 2024 (Sunday 10am to 1pm

March 17th

April 21st

May 19th

June 16th

July 21st

August 18th

September 15th

October 20th

November 17th