Feedback on our last event

Very helpful and knowledgeable technicians that showed and explained what they had done and what needed to be done. Also gave advice on where to go for advice that was beyond the scope of the Repair Cafe. 17.9.2023 Excellent service – now happy to purchase a replacement knowing it can’t be fixed. Wondeful to meet… Continue reading Feedback on our last event

Would you like to volunteer for the Repair Cafe?

The Repair Cafe movement is totally run by volunteers and surprisingly enough we can never have enough as the more volunteers we have the more we can help. In fact the Spencers Wood Repair Cafe has moved location to ensure that we have enough space for the volunteers and visitors to work safely. Front of… Continue reading Would you like to volunteer for the Repair Cafe?

Workshops in schools

Would your school or youth group be interested in having a workshop on encouraging children to repair thier broken items or upcycle clothes to thier own design? We know that children are very aware of the need to reduce, reuse and recycle but lack the skills to do so. The Repair Cafe has some fantastic… Continue reading Workshops in schools

Would you like to set up your own Repair Cafe?

Have you ever thought about volunteering or setting a Repair Cafe in your own area? We are going to talk about whats involved in setting one up on Friday 1st September in Wokingham. If you would like to come along to find out more contact or call Billie on 07718 679827.