Workshops in schools

Would your school or youth group be interested in having a workshop on encouraging children to repair thier broken items or upcycle clothes to thier own design? We know that children are very aware of the need to reduce, reuse and recycle but lack the skills to do so. The Repair Cafe has some fantastic talented volunteers that have these skills and happy to transfer thier knowledge in a safe secure environment. Please contact us if to would be interested in a workshop.

By Billie

The Repair Cafe at Lambs Lane Primary School Spencers Wood was started in May 2022 (originally based at the village hall). We run every third Sunday of the month. As we grew in popularity we needed more space and re-located to Lambs Lane Primary School. This is a friendly and welcoming cafe and new volunteers to help with registration, run the cafe and to fix items are always welcome. We look forward to welcoming you with your broken household items.

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