Our Bird box project

A great morning at the Lambs Lane Primary School. We had some really interesting stuff to fix and great conversations. Our next Repair Cafe is on Sunday 18th February same place 10 am to 1pm. Save your broken items and bring them along and find out more about how we are working with the community to reduce waste and other sustainability ideas like enabling children to create bird boxes for their home or for their school. If your school would like us to run a fully funded woodwork workshop where children build thier own birdbox from precut wood please contact us.

By Billie

Spencers Wood Repair Cafe was started in May 2022. We run every third Sunday of the month. As we have grown we have needed more space and are now located at Lambs Lane Primary School. Spencers Wood Repair Cafe is a friendly and welcoming Repair Cafe and new volunteers to help with registration, run the cafe and to fix items are always welcome. We look forward to welcoming you with your broken household items.

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